For either of these positions - SUMMER VIDEOGRAPHER or INTERN EDITOR - you can earn school credit. It is up to you to meet with the Internship Coordinator at your school and figure out what requirements you need to meet. We will be happy to speak with the Internship Coordinator, if they have any questions regarding your internship. 

Work as an INTERN EDITOR in the CAMP TV offices. If you already have editing experience, you can jump right in and begin editing projects.  If you don't have much editing experience, not a problem. You can learn on our different hardware and software, then tackle a project!

We want your experience as an INTERN EDITOR to be a fun learning experience. You should expect to gets hands-on experience and have projects to show on your demo reel.

Work as a SUMMER VIDEOGRAPHER.  Spend your summer in a fun, outdoor environment, working with kids.

Summer videographers work as camp staff.  Your main responsibility is to film (and sometimes edit) video that is turned into a yearbook DVD after camp is over.

You receive training with CAMP TV before camp starts. Then you work at camp for the entire summer.

​When the final project is edited, you will get a copy for your demo reel.